Following the very best and off-beat cycling routes each nation has to offer, the race places emphasis on cultural identity and historic locations unique to Celtic heritage.

Starting in Wales, with a revisit to 2021’s CP2, the route begins at Celtic Camping with its great facilities and stunning views over the Irish sea and Welsh coastline.  A short jaunt along the coast brings all of the riders to Pembroke dock.  Respite of four hours will end with the ferry docking in Rosslare and the true adventure begins.

Heading west and hugging the coastline, our Clan will journey through Cork and within kissing distance of the Blarney Stone.  Here they will pick up the world famous WAW and with its towering monumental cliffs and jagged coast shaped by power of the ocean.  Enchanting villages are nestled along the coast as well as ancient monuments, tributes to the Celtic culture.  Each bend and rise open up new and inspiring sights.

Untamed by man and still owned by nature, a deeply indented and wild terrain has emerged with bantam coves, beaches and bays.  Traditional ways and the Irish language have survived the onslaught of modern life, to leave behind a place of beauty and a bygone era.  On reaching the near apogee of the route, it heads east towards the largest and most diverse city in all of the Island of Ireland – Dublin.

Here a brief sprint across the Irish sea brings our Clan back to Wales and the home nation of the PCR with gusto to bring to a close the 2022 edition.

The breath-taking route has an overall race distance of 1,618 miles / 2604 km, with 65,850 ft / 20,071 m of elevation gain.

There are 3 ferry crossings on the route, giving riders time to relax and reflect on their adventure so far; Pembroke – Rosslare, Tarbet and Dublin – Holyhead.

GPX files are available by clicking on the Komoot map.

PLEASE NOTE – The route has been thoroughly scoped out, recce’d and risk assessed.  However, we reserve the right for updates or amendments to be made if this becomes necessary.  In effect, the route is a “living” track and we will make changes (on the grounds of safety) if we become aware of the need to do so.

Despite all of the research, planning and consultation, we recognise that local knowledge often trumps all, so if you have any feedback, please let us know via info@pancelticrace.com.

Thanks x


Below are photos illustrating some of the 2021 route highlights. Please click on them for full views.