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We hope you are all keeping well and managing ok through this challenging year. Sometimes we need to look back to take inspiration in going forward.

A little while ago, we asked our Clan riders to send in short video clips of their lasting memories of the inaugural 2019 edition of the Pan Celtic Race Series. These are the types of memories and experiences that we don’t necessarily hear about when following the race as spectators or organisers. Those moments that can be intimately private; or so surreal as to be inexplicable to anyone not present. They can be heart warming or unnerving, often in the same tale.

As all of us progress through life, with its myriad of events and experiences and ultimately toward the end of our mortal coil, we come to cherish our most prized and intangible assets – our memories. To experience is to create memories. Small precious gems that form the jigsaw of our existence. To the riders who braved the untrodden path of the first Pan Celtic Race, we salute You and Thank you for sharing your memories.

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