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We hope this latest update reaches you all in good health and fine fettle. It’s officially Springtime here in the northern hemisphere and with it comes a sense of a new start, and the joy of riding your bike on longer and warmer days.

The Pan Celtic Race 2021 is determinant on the Covid-19 pandemic situation as we move closer to July and we want to give all riders the reassurance that everything feasibly is being done to make the race happen. Inevitably, some aspects have to adapt and change, but we are working to keep these to a minimum and they shouldn’t affect the core aspect of riding bikes over a long distance, for days at end.


The event is now planned with changes to the route, which will travel through Cornwall, more of South West England and throughout Wales. Working on a risk-based approach, the crossing over to Ireland in the original route is a significant concern. It is important that we are realistic about what we can deliver within the current pandemic framework. With this in mind, we have taken the difficult decision to omit Ireland from this year’s event.

Currently rt-PCR tests are necessary to enter and leave Ireland from Wales for ferry journeys, with the potential for quarantining. If these measures are still in place come July, which is likely, it wouldn’t be possible to run the event. Our Route B removes this risk, thus making the possibility of the event taking place, far more achievable. As much as we want you to experience the beauty of Ireland, we hope to back there for a future edition of the race.

The total distance for the new routes will be (subject to further changes):

  • Full Route: 1400miles / 2253km (approx)
  • Shorter Route: 930miles / 1496km (approx)

The Finishing Party will be on the 10th night (July 13th) and is planned to include food, music and merriment, whilst adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

There will be some changes to sign-on, race start and checkpoints, in line with guidelines, which we’ll address in future updates.

If the UK and Welsh Government restrictions prevent sport/social events from occurring, or if there are significant safety, ethical or moral concerns in allowing the event to take place, then we will postpone the race until 2022.


We have received questions from our international riders, mostly centred around travel restrictions, Covid-19 vaccine/travel passports and quarantine requirements. We are following and keeping up-to-date with the guidelines published on the UK Government website.

Each country will also have their own guidance on leaving and re-entering after travelling abroad. We would advise each person travelling to the UK to research and understand how it affects you and what is required. We want to assure every International entrant who is unable to take part in this year’s edition due to travel restrictions, their entry will automatically defer to 2022.


We are working to bring riders the best experience on your bike and we are confident this will happen. Switching to our Route B does mean that there will be delay in releasing the finished route files. Lockdown has meant we haven’t been able to assess the new routes in person to make sure they are fully risk assessed. This is a task we will be undertaking in the coming weeks and once we are satisfied that you will be satisfied, we will publish them.

We will provide regular updates on the situation in the coming weeks and will compile an updated FAQ covering all of the queries.

Until such time, the onus is also on all riders to make sure you are fit and prepared and ready to embark on a Pan Celtic Race adventure!

We will be back in touch soon.

Ride strong, train hard and stay safe.

Matt, Bec, Toby and Pete

Photo Credit: Ben Lawes

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2 Comments on “2021 ROUTE UPDATE”

  1. Dear pan celtic team.
    I just read about this event and would love to participate. Since I am from Germany, I have cancelled all travel for this year and hope for 2022. The pictures and the video of the event 2019 make me so incredibly longing…. I will definitely be there next year. Until then, stay healthy everyone! cheers Joerg

    1. Hi Joerg,
      Thanks very much for your message and interest in the Pan Celtic Race series! All the best and we hope to see you in 2022!

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