The Gathering 2022 Cotswolds Edition & Film premiere

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Life, logistics, timing and the rest don’t always pan out the way you want them to. Elements change, moments appear and opportunities pass. That was a lesson quickly learnt after lollygagging and hesitating over the idea if i was to attend the Gathering, why I listened to these silly and absurd voices that muttered in hushed tones and unfounded opinion, … Read More

The Spring Gathering 2022

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We’ve enjoyed some wonderful places in such great company over the years on our Gathering events, and the same was true of last weekends Spring Gathering. It wasn’t the turnout that we’ve come to expect from our ever faithful clan, (We’re looking at you Tony Clare!) however, it was an exceptional weekend spent riding bikes in truly sensational other-worldly places. … Read More

Restrap Solstice Century

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Make the most of the dwindling light and ride 100 miles within the solstice weekend. Back for its second edition the Restrap Winter Solstice Century provides a challenge for those brave enough to embrace that cold air, those chilly winds and those beautiful crystal clear skies in order to complete the task. You can attempt it in one go or … Read More