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12 hours. 720 minutes. 0.5 days
A cycling challenge that celebrates longer days, the hope of springtime and exploration closer to home.

Last month saw us gather with good friends and race partners Albion to take on their ’12 Hours of May’ Challenge – the aim; to showcase some of our favourite home roads, hidden gems and drop a few jaws celebrating the beauty of North Wales. We were also joined by race partners Restrap and some of our local riders taking on this year’s Pan Celtic Race.

Blessed with an abundance of liquid sunshine the sense of irony certainly not lost on the group as we headed out into the mountains, shrouded by dark clouds and grey skies that lay contrast to the landscape gleaming with luscious vibrant colours, as waterfalls rowdily spilled through the valleys. Dramatic and atmospheric, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

From mountains to coast and back again as clouds cleared and the sun shone, steep climbs and fast descents made for a breathtaking day in the saddle and a chance for some good training miles for those signed up to this years Pan Celtic Race.

Bedding down for the evening in a friends out-house (due to a submerged pre-planned bivvy spot) and enjoying the usual Pan Celtic Race merriment before heading back to Llandudno to look back on a great weekend with great friends.

12 hours elapsed time spent outdoors but memories made that will last a great deal longer.

Words & Photos: Toby Willis

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3 Comments on “PCR, ALBION: 12 HOURS OF MAY”

  1. Amazing pics!! Thanks for sharing, just adds to the excitement! I can’t wait to get out on the PC route on 4th July 🙂

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