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“Hello! We hope you’re all keeping well and managing to navigate the choppy waters of this global pandemic (still seems surreal saying that!).

These uncertain times have made it very difficult for us to plan anything with any certainty, as rules and guidance have constantly shifted. We don’t know where the country will be in 4 weeks time, but after lots of planning and working stuff out, we feel this is the best shot we have at organising a ride!

This will not be a Gathering like we have had before. Anything we organise has to reflect the times we are currently living in and the easy going, fancy free approach of previous Gatherings have to be put to one side. Adherence to Welsh Government guidance on social distancing will be observed, as will advice from relevant cycling organisations. We will be looking at the best practices from these bodies and applying them to keep us safe. We have also undertaken Covid-19 specific event and awareness training.

So what can you expect? In simple terms, a get together with other Pan Celtic riders, past, current and future (if you’re contemplating riding it one year, come along and check us out). It’s informal, it’s friendly, it involves bikes and beer and is free! Spaces are limited, on a first come, first served basis.


Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th September, 2020

Meet up
9:00am, Saturday

19 St David’s Road, Llandudno, LL30 2UL

Equipment Required – Essential
Bike, bivvy/tarp, sleeping bag, waterproof jacket, helmet, lights, warm clothes, money for food, hand sanitiser, face mask/covering.

Equipment Required – Desirable
Sleep mat, torch/ headlamp, swim trunks, spare socks and any other items you want to bring.

The route will be around 60 miles and at a pace suited for all. This is about the good times, not the fast times. A chance to reacquaint. The Revival of the Clan Spirit. Be prepared for riding in rain and cooler temperatures. Any extra gear can be left at the start and collected later, before camp, so no need to worry about carrying lots of stuff on your bikes. We will also have a vehicle in support on the day. There will be a lunch stop and if the weather is good, we will be visiting a great spot for a wild swim to cool off.  We will be camping at a special location with details to be given on arrival at the start.

Sunday morning can be a short or longish ride for breakfast, depending on how we all feel.

We’ll provide more details closer to the weekend but for now, if you are interested/definitely up for coming, please email us using this link:
Send Booking Email

Please note
Spaces are limited, so will be booked on a first come first served basis. We will also start a post on the Facebook group so people know who is coming. If the Coronavirus R number increases, new restrictions come in or any other factors occur, then we will probably have to reschedule, but we’re sure you already understand that.


You can watch a short teaser for The Revival ride on our YouTube channel at the link below, please like, share and subscribe.

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