At 1066 miles, 54,342 ft, the Pan Celtic Race 2023: Shorter Route is a remarkable challenge and adventure starting in Brittany and taking the Riders through Breton countryside, towns, coastlines and cultural sites before heading over the UK for a dash through the South Downs and into Wales for the run to home.

Not everyone has the time to commit to a full distance self-supported event. Perhaps you’ve never done anything like this before and want to dip your toes in before going for the full-on dive.

So here is the Pan Celtic Race 2023: Shorter Route, for those who feel less is often more. Make no mistake, this route will still stretch the most seasoned riders and prove a challenge for all. No matter your background or experience, you will need to do your training and preparation to ensure a successful ride.

The breath-taking route has an overall race distance of 1,066 miles / 1,716 km, with 54,342 ft / 16,563m of elevation gain.

There are 1 ferry crossings on the route, giving riders time to relax and reflect on their adventure so far: Ouistreham – Portsmouth

PLEASE NOTE – The route has been thoroughly scoped out, recce’d and risk assessed.  However, we reserve the right for updates or amendments to be made if this becomes necessary.  In effect, the route is a “living” track and we will make changes (on the grounds of safety) if we become aware of the need to do so.

Despite all of the research, planning and consultation, we recognise that local knowledge often trumps all, so if you have any feedback, please let us know via info@pancelticrace.com.

Thanks x

In the coming weeks, we will add the detailed route files and map, so that you can start planning, strategizing and in-depth analysis of the entire route.


Below are photos from the 2022 race. Please click on them for full views.